Sea Trout Fishing

Sea Trout Fishing

Sea Trout fishing will take place on the Eden, Nith and Annan Rivers with Jonathan as your Guide. The beat will be chosen depending on river conditions.

Evening fishing will run from 7.00pm – 1.00am.

£180 per day (7 hours)   maximum 2 people  

* Guiding price only includes day ticket for the river for one person.  Additional tickets cost £30.00 

We will look at pools, safe wading and safe wading lines, tackle preparation and casting techniques before we commence fishing. Fishing will start at dusk away from the main pool until dark. We will proceed to the main pools when it is appropriate.

We can offer day time Sea Trout fishing if the conditions are suitable.

The Annan is one of the few rivers in the UK where we can fish dry flies in low water conditions.

We can also fish for Sea Trout on a dropping river level with teams of wets.

Recommended Tackle

Please bring appropriate fishing tackle, if you have any. If not it can be supplied at no extra cost.

9ft 6″ – 10ft # 6/8 rods

Floating line with selection of polyleaders or integrated float/ intermediate fly lines.

Clear safety glasses

10lb monofiliament tippet/leader

Flies in the 12-10 size range for early fishing and 10-6 for night fishing

Tubes and waddingtons in the 1″ range


We endeavour to reduce any risk of harm, but accidents can happen. To help reduce any risk please inform me of any relevant medical conditions or medication that you may need eg: Epi-pen. To help reduce risk further please bring the following safety items if available. If not, inform me and it can be supplied at no extra cost:


Wet weather gear

Change of clothes

Polarised sun glasses

Wading staff

Automatic life vest

Studded wading boots

Any medication

Lunch if required

Terms and Conditions

A £50 non-refundable deposit is payable per person to cover fishing permits.

There is no wash off policy available on any of the beats that are used. The non-refundable deposit will be used to cover the cost of the permits only.

If conditions are not suitable for fishing or circumstances do not allow you to attend, we will try and find an alternative river /reschedule or use the time for tuition instead of fishing.

We operate a complete catch and release policy and adhere to all the statutory regulations.